On behalf of Hong Kong Technology Advancement Group (HKtag), we would like to invite your company to join our Young Talents Nurturing Scheme – Internship program 2023. This programme is initiated due to our mission to nurture our young talents with early experience at IT related work and arouse their preference to study in relative subjects at institutions or work in this sector. Besides, with our current Smart Campus x InnoTech Taster Program 2023, we would like to get more attention from secondary school students and teachers for their participation.   

Target interns:Form 4-6/ Grade 10-12 graduates
Current college students or fresh graduates
Nurture program:Internship for secondary students, one month or more
Scope:IT (UX/UI, programming …) / Business or Marketing or Project management for Tech companies

Last summer we kick-started a pilot program for students of selected secondary schools and successfully matched some of them with our participated companies after in-person interview screening.  We found it valuable to share the current career path of IT industry and even advise other job types that they can take by reviewing their academic scores and discussion on their personal interests.  In this regard, we decide to elaborate it this year, recruit both secondary and college students. HKtag will kick-off this nurturing scheme in February, 2023 with more nurturing works in the first quarter annually.

Under this programme, a representative of all participating companies shall join the recruitment interview panel, arranged by HKtag, with their HR personnel to follow up all applicable employment documents with the successful candidates.  A feasible amount of allowance for the interns as a reimbursement of their transportation fares to work, and as an incentive, is greatly appreciated.  Besides, at the end of the recruitment, there will be an evaluation form for the companies to fill in as a review on the performance of the individual intern(s) and the scheme. HKtag strives to improve our initiative with advice of our cooperating partners and offer beneficial opportunities to the industries and our young talents.

Project Team Manager at [email protected] or 6394 7099.

Tentative schedule of this programme:

1Confirm our participating companies with number and name of positions with skill set requirements they preferBy end of March 2023
Announcement of this program with all company logos via social media and HKtag websiteIn March and April
2Recruitment – Collect CV and information of applied students from secondary schools and collegesBy end of April
3Interview period by HR or recruitment in-charge of participating companies after HKtag screening and distribution of CVsMid-May -June
4Job shadowing or Internship period
(May varies depending on companies’ plan)
June to August
5Evaluation and review with forms to be completed by our participantsBy September
6Optional and if apply: Certification presentation plus an outstanding performance certification to student(s) highly recommended by their employer(s)TBC